My pain free childbirth

This is a story about my pain free labour and delivery. It may be hard for some to hear and maybe unbelievable to others but above anything I hope it can be encouraging!

My pain free childbirth

It started during my pregnancy with my first son. I was so excited to be pregnant. Everything was so new, so beautiful and so… terrifying. I was about to have a baby. That meant pushing a little human being out of me. Terrifying.

I spent sleepless nights thinking about what birth would be like. I was so scared about the pain, so scared about the possibility of tearing, having a c section and generally not being able to cope. 

Being my first birth I did a lot of research, aka I googled “how painful is childirth?”, which is something NO PREGNANT WOMAN SHOULD DO! Listening to horror stories is probably one of the worst things you could do during pregnancy for obvious reasons. 

Long story short I came across a book called Supernatural Childbirth by Jackie Mize. I read this book 6 times while I was pregnant. It completely transformed my perspective of birth! This book affirmed in my mind that labour and birth is not something to be afraid of. It is not something that was created to be dreadfully painful, deadly or the least bit of a worry. Birth is meant to be beautiful, calm, filled with peace and though it is hard and an incredible amount of work it is not meant to be painful.

This new found understanding did give me an incredible amount of peace but still not enough to kick out all the fear. It wasn’t until I experienced birth first hand that I had my WOW moment.

The birth of Nathanael

I woke up in the morning around 9:00 am having to use the washroom. I noticed I lost my mucus plug and started feeling like light menstrual cramps were starting. It continued like this for a few hours until the sensations got so strong I couldn’t move and just stayed in bed. I knew something was going on so at that point I called my midwife. She didn’t believe I was in labour so I had to tell her she needed to come check me. Good thing she did because when she arrived I was 8 cm dilated!

My water had broken while she was driving to my house and unfortunately there was meconium in my water (baby’s first poopoo). Because of this I wasn’t able to have my home birth and headed to the hospital which was an hour drive away.

Labour continued with strong sensations of menstrual cramps. We arrived at the hospital, I lay on the bed and asked if we could set the tub up because I really wanted to have a water birth. Once the bath was filled I hopped in.

Thirty seconds later my midwife starts freaking out saying I need to get out of the tub because they can’t hear my babies heartbeat. I stand up in the tub to get out and BAM! Why does it feel like there is a bowling ball between my legs!!!??? And why am I all of a sudden grunting!? My midwife realizes what’s happening before I do. She hops me on the bed just as my backup midwife walks into the room.

Half an hour later I push my little prince out into the world with not a single tear or scratch. He weighs 8 lbs 8 oz and we’re up and our of the hospital within the next couple of hours. 

This type of birth is rare but it is becoming less so. If you’ve ever experienced a traumatic childbirth my heart is with you. The birth of my second son was the hardest thing I’ve ever gone through and I will be posting that story very soon. This story is not meant to make anyone feel disappointed like they’ve missed out. I want you to know that this type of birth is possible for anyone whether you’ve had a pain free birth before or not!

I believe 100% that what gave me this experience was my understanding. Knowledge is power and it is amazing what fear can do to the body.

I will be posting another blog soon to talk about coping techniques and how to really access this understanding of what a natural, pain free childbirth can be. If you have any comments or questions please post below! I would also love to hear about your birth experience!

With love,

Anya Grace


3 thoughts

  1. Love this post!! I plan on posting more details on my own supernatural births too! It’s so good to know there are others who have experienced this. It’s absolutely NOT impossible! Glory to God!


    1. So sorry I didn’t see this comment until now! I rarely keep up to date with my website 😦 PLEASE tell me Bianca told you we know each other! And HOW I came across you!


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