How to stop using shampoo

 Two years ago my husband and I decided to go the No Poo route. After a few months of research and checking out others experiments without shampoo we decided to give it a go. 

For the entire two years without shampoo we’ve kept the same washing routine and it worked wonders. It’s as easy as:


  1. Mix half a cup of water with half a cup of baking soda and use like shamoo
  2. Rinse
  3. Mix half a cup of apple cider vinigar (we use the cheap no name kind) with half a cup of water and use a conditioner
  4. Rinse
Easy peasy! 
This method keeps your hair clean and feeling so healthy. The hardest part was the waiting period of a few months. During this time in the beginning you may experience your hair becoming very greasy but you need to push through! Eventually you get to the point where the greasiness subsides and you can go up to two weeks, I find, without having to wash your hair. 
The reason I stopped using shampoo was because I wanted my hair to revert to it’s natural,healthy state.
Your scalp naturally produces an oil called Seabum which coats your hair protecting it from damage, dryness and makes it self cleaning. When you use shampoo you strip all the natural oils away causing your hair to over-produce the oil every time you wash your hair. Your scalp sort of freaks out and says “Ahh, all the oils are gone! We must fix this!”. And that’s how you end up with greasy hair and the need to wash every couple of days. 
Once your hair spends the much needed time of being lathered in natural oils, it reverts back to it’s natural state and balances itself out. 
Have you ever noticed animal hair? You don’t see them washing their fur with shampoo and it’s never greasy.
Here’s why I started using shampoo again.
I’m a mum of a wild two year old and a 5 month old. My hair is never, ever left down. I would love to have it down 24/7 and I’ve spent the last how many years trying to grow it as long as possible. 
A little messy but not using shampoo has kept my hair thick, gotten rid of friz and cut my washing time down to only once every couple of weeks.
Because I constantly keep my hair up I tend not to brush it enough. When going to bed I leave it up and I end up with the nastiest knots :( Because your hair becomes so wonderfully thick when not using shampoo it can also get knotted up if not brushed and taken care of. Using a good, thick brush is key. One like a boar bristle brush that can help evenly distribute the oils through your hair. 
I became so desperate to get rid of these knots I decided to try using shampoo again and it really did help. 
One hour, half a bottle of shampoo, half a bottle of conditioner, a broken comb and a wall covered in hair later….
I was crying on the bathrub floor. Ok… I wasn’t really on the bathtub floor but I really did cry! It was the worst experience of my life! And do you know how annoying it is to cry in the shower because you can’t tell if you’re really crying or not!? 
I had just removed half of my head of hair trying to pull the knots out. The moment I added that shampoo it was like every single strand of hair ran in a different direction making the knots even worse!
Eventually I got it clean enough but the knots were so bad I gave up. I took half a jar of coconut oil and slathered my head in it. For the next 3 days I walked around looking like I dunked my head in vaseline and ruined every piece of clothing (including my couch) that my head touched. But it worked! I washed my hair again and it is now back to it’s shampooed self. Man does it every feel nice.
Honestly, when I was washing my hair I felt like I was commiting a crime. I was scrubbing off two beautiful years of hard work and ruining my hair all over again. Even though my hair now feels a million times lighter, thinner, dryer and limp I am so glad to have it much easier to manage and throw up on my head in a bun. No more knots. It feels just like when you get a new hair cut and you feel like you can breath. 
Will I ever go no poo again? Maybe… But for now I’m enjoying keeping my hair up, knot free, baby spit free and losing the temptation to shave my head.  Check out these before and after photos:
If you enjoy leaving your hair down and don’t have kids pulling at it 24/7 I encourage you to try ditching the shampoo! 
Here are some tips and benifits to going No Poo: 
  • The first couple of months are going to be pretty gross. Make sure to wear your hair up!
  • Don’t forget to use the apple cider vinigar! It acts like a conditioner and balances the pH level so your hair won’t get too dry and damaged from the baking soda.
  • Brush your hair enough with a good bristled brush to evenely distribute the oils through your hair. This will really help in the first couple of months when your hair is adjusting. 
  • Your hair will become a LOT thicker and heavier. When your hair is wet it will feel a lot heavier also. 
  • No more friz! Your hair will become much easier to manage if you take care of it and it will be much easier to style. 
  • See how long your hair will last without a wash. You should be able to go longer and longer if you push your hairs greasy limits. Using the recipe above will allow your hair to keep it’s natural oils but still clean it. 
  • The itch won’t last forever! In the beginning it can be pretty bad. Make sure you use the vinigar and if it’s bad before you need to wash it fill a bottle of water and vinigar and spritz your scalp. 
That’s all! Try the No Poo movement for at least a few months before you give up and you won’t regret it! Unless you end up like me.. lol. 
Leave me a comment below and let me know if you’ve ever tried going without shampoo and what you’ve used in replace of it! Also I’d be curious to know if anyone’s gone through an issue like mine and how you dealt with it. 
Lots of love,
Anya Grace

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