Questions to ask your doula

Are you considering hiring a Doula? Here are the top 5 questions you need to ask before you do! 

Hiring a Doula may be one of the most important decisions you make during your pregnancy. A certified Doula is not just a birth attendant but they are someone that you are inviting into your personal life and one of your most treasured moments, giving birth to your new little love. 

A Doula has been shown to:


  • Decrease the use of Pitocin by 31%
  • Decrease the risk of C-section by 28%
  • Increase the likelihood of a spontaneous vagincal birth by 12%
  • Decrease the use of any medications for pain relief by 9%
  • Decrease the risk of newborns being admitted to a special care nursery by 14%
  • And decrease the risk of being dissatisfied with the birth experience by 34
Here are some important questions worth asking. Some you may have heard before and other questions I’ve learnt from answering personal questions that ended up being very encoiraging to my clients. 
1. Why did you choose to become a Doula?
This question will give you a deeper look into the heart behind why she is a Doula. I don’t think I’ve ever met a Doula who’s become one for any other reason than a great passion and love for women and their newborns. You want to be sure your Doula loves what she does. If she has passion behind her profession she will give you her best. 
2. What is your training and are you certified?
Make sure the organization your Doula has been certified is legit. You want your Doula to have an extensive knowledge about pregnancy, birth, labour and postpartum. 
3. How many births have you attended?
This may be more important to others. I know Doulas who have attended only a few births and through those few dealt with a wide range of birth experiences. The more experience a Doula has the better because you know she’s had to experience a lot and has had to learn through those experiences. Others like Doulas who are new and have a fresh flame for their work. Go by what you feel is right, how you connect with her and how well trained you feel she is. 
4. Are you trained in or believe in evidence based information?
This is an important one. There is a lot of well meaning information out there but not all of it is based on fact and evidence. Make sure your Doula knows the difference and if she doesn’t have the answer to one of your questions that she finds proof for why it works or why it doesn’t. One of my fave go to websites is
5. Will you support my personal choices and offer me honesty information about these choices?
You want your Doula to be supportive of whatever choices you make regarding your birth. Where it’s where you decide to birth, the care giver you choose and whether you want a medicated birth on not. Your Doula is NOT there to judge you or persuade you into any decision. She is there to be your support and your advocate. 
That being said I do not believe in being a ‘sit back and say nothing’ Doula. If you make the choice to have an epidural you want your Doula to be supportive BUT you also want her to inform you about the benifits AND the risks. Of course you want the best outcome for you and your baby and your Doula needs to be willing to give you that information. 
There are many other questions you may want to ask your Doula to be. These are just a few important questions to get you started. When you choose your Doula you want to be comfortable with her and trust that she is right for you. 
For more information on what a Doula is and does check out my Doula Services page. If you have any questions feel free to contact me or leave a comment below! 
What questions would you find important to ask when interviewing a Doula and what would you hope to hear from her? Comment below! 
Anya Grace

3 thoughts

  1. Another question I would add: “When will you join me during labor?” Some doulas said they would labor with me at home and some said they would “join me at the hospital.” I wanted someone to be with me in early labor, but not all doulas want to be there that long. I ended up with a great doula who was there for me when I needed her–the whole time!


    1. That’s a great question to add Sharon! As a doula and mother I couldn’t imagine leaving a woman alone without support during her labour. To me that’s what a doula is there for! But I guess each doula works differently.
      Thanks for being the first to reply on this post! 😀 I’m excited to give your site a visit!

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