Why I choose God to be my famly planner

 Trusting Him has been the best decision I’ve ever made. 

“How many kids would you like?” is a common question I get – probably just as often as any other mother gets asked on a daily bases. 

Getting married young, getting pregnant five months later, and having my children nineteen months apart, sometimes seems a bit crazy to most people. I get it. I do. Not a lot of people plan things this way. When people find out I don’t “plan” things at all, they either become very supportive, or very confused.


When Adam and I first married, I was twenty-one and he was twenty-five. Or was I Twenty-two? Hrrrrmmm… Mommy brain kicking in here. (Don’t act like you don’t have it)!

From the beginning, we knew that we wanted to do everything based on God and His direction. We were brand new Christians. We didn’t really know how to do things except to listen to God. He’ll take care of the rest. We learnt that the hard way, through a rocky start to our relationship, living paycheque by paycheque, and getting through every other test and trial new God babies go through. 

God had us completely living by faith, and we were doing so, without a doubt or a worry by the time we got married. Of course, we still had those little fears pop in, but they were so superficial. 


We let God decide when the marriage would happen. Well, Adam did… I wanted to get married NOW!  He had the patience to let God give him the date. He did! It was perfect. 

Then came the big question… what do we do about kids? We’ve never had this talk before because we usually take things step by step. You know, cross that bridge when you get to it. 

Our decision came overnight. Adam had faith that God would give me the answer, and He sure as heck did, in many different ways. I didn’t want to read someone’s opinion on how and when to make babies. I wanted GOD to give me the answer up close and personal. 


It started with my heart. I knew in my heart, above all else, that we needed to trust God to give us kids. Here were my questions:

What if we can’t afford them?

What if I’m too scared to give birth?

What if we’re just not ready?


Here were my answers from God:

I’ve provided every penny this far, have I not?

I’ll bring you through (another blog on this later).

I’ll prepare you each step of the way. 


Those were my heart answers. Now here is where it really got cool. God would lead me to very specific verses about Him causing woman in the Bible to become pregnant. Every story I read was Him personally providing these Godly women with babies! 

(See: Eve, Mary, Sarah, Leah, Rebekah, Elizabeth, Ruth … and the list continues)!

I wouldn’t search for these stories, God would literally just have them show up to me in a “daily Bible verse”, or a sermon someone was preaching. This occurred all within a few days.


Now, don’t get me wrong. We live in a very harsh world. A world that is truly damaged, and not under Gods complete control. Yes, He is Sovereign, but He needs to work with us. There are women who try for ages to conceive and can’t – praying, Godly women. I feel their pain, but I do believe with all of my heart, that if we have the understanding, God is willing to help us. Then we will have the faith we need to make it through anything!


So, after having this deep time with God, I knew what I wanted to do. That was to give my future babies to Him. I wanted to see what He would do… even if that meant ending up like 19 Kids and Counting. o__o

Well, five months after our wedding, I got pregnant. A pretty decent amount of time, I think! We had the most incredible little boy named Nathanael. Here’s a cool story about Nathanael: We were planning to name him Elijah, but when he popped out, God told Adam to name him Nathanael. The funny thing is, we would have never picked that name, but the moment Adam told me, I just wept because it was so perfect.


After Nathanael, how could we not want more kids? He is just so amazing! I never understood what my mum meant when she said, “You’ll never feel a love so strong”. Now I get it. So, we continued to allow God to plan our next baby. Ten months later, I became pregnant with Aaron. My chunky little man is only four months old.


God really has us on this parenting journey. Though it is incredibly hard at times, I wouldn’t change it one bit! I am so grateful God has called us to live our relationship like this. It has only built my faith in God stronger. 

I want anyone who is willing to trust God this way, to take the leap of faith and do so! I am humbled by those who choose not to marry and serve God with all they are. Everyone is called to something different! For those who have hearts in marriage, keep living! The one will come! For those who are happy being completely free the rest of their lives, all the power to you! We are all made differently, with different paths and journeys, and this is mine. Part of my journey I wanted to share, to shed some light on our relationship for people that don’t quite understand why we keep pumping them out. “Pumping them out” is the worst term, but so appropriate.

Bring ’em on God! I want them babies!!! 


I would love to hear your story, your beliefs, your struggles, your hopes and your accomplishments! Leave me a comment below or contact me  

Lots of love,

Anya Grace


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