Starting Your Own Office Space and Why You Need One

If you’re like me and find that you’re constantly busy with work and every day life, then this post is for you. After two long years of learning to balance my family life and work, I’ve finally discovered the importance of having my own work space for social media and business.

Here are 5 great tips to starting your own little office and why it’s so important to have one!

Keep things organized and to a minimum

You’re already busy enough thinking about what you need to work on, so keep your space organized and clutter free to minimize distraction. Have exactly what you need for your work easily accessible and don’t add unnecessary supplies.

Keep the computer designated to this work area

Before I had children it was easy to sit down anywhere, plop the computer on my lap and start working. Now that I need my computer out of the reach of little curious fingers I find it extremely helpful to keep my computer in the ‘off limits’ office space. Not only does it keep it away from the kids, but it’s also a great way to reduce your screen time.

Keep your bills and to do stickies easily in site

I used to find it very easy to lose a bill or forget to pay one because I’d throw it on the table and forget it was there. Now I can easily remember to pay a bill by placing the bill on my desk, or leaving myself a sticky note reminder. Placing a cork tack bored on my wall has also been extremely helpful when it comes to task reminders. Important tasks that need to be done right away I tack at the bottom. Other things that need to be done in no particular order are taken off the bored and I designate my work time to complete that task. Things get done fast and it’s fun to crumple up a sticky each time you complete something!

Designate time

Just like you would if you were working form home designate certain times of the day to do your work. Putting things off and having unorganized time is the worst. Anyone with kids knows this -__-

Put aside half an hour in the morning or at night. Work during your babies first nap time or while the hubby takes the kids for a walk. Make your time intentional and uninterruptible (when possible).

Add a window and some greenery

My favorite part about my work space is being right beside a sunny window and having plants beside me. There is nothing like nature and light to give you energy and a sense of peace and happiness, not to mention the added benefits of purifying the air and getting extra vitamin D!

Another fave I like to keep with me is my Belly Armor blanket! I use this blanket during my pregnancies to protect my baby and body from harmful radiation. Wrap your cellphone in it and watch the bars drop, this thing really works! To get your Belly Armor and other protective products click Here!

What are some ways that you like to make your office your own? How do you keep organized in life’s busy schedule?


Anya Grace


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