3 Surprising Things My Family of Five Lives Without


After learning about how heavy metals can leach into your body through using metal utensils, we switched to chopsticks and biodegradable spoons. At first eating with chopsticks was a bit annoying, but we became so used to it we don’t even think twice. Not only does your food actually taste better (try licking a spoon, that metallic taste gets added to your food), but we actually slow down our meals getting more family time and better digestion.



Not 100% true. We actually use a little beer fridge. Because we’re vegan there already isn’t a lot we have to keep cool. Certain foods, veggies and fruits can stay out of the fridge and still stay in shape. When we had our regular sized fridge we found we had so much space left over, even with feeding my 6’3 husband, hungry pregnant me and my 2 year old toddler. When our fridge broke we decided to test our little fridge out and what do ya know, everything fit like a dream 🙂 



Yup… no car. Well we do have one, but it’s off the insurance and just chillin’ in our driveway. Because my husband and I primarily work from home and everything else is so close (grocery stores, kids play centers, hospital and the mall), we decided to save some extra cash and a bit of the environment by ditching the car all together. So far it’s saved us about $350 a month, given us extra family time and forced us outdoors. It was a hard transition for the first month but now we haven’t thought once about going back, even during this chilly December.


I would love to hear of things you’ve learned to live without! Leave me a comment below 🙂



Anya Grace



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