Going Raw Vegan and My Incredible Health Changes!


This is my own personal experience after going raw vegan and I have to give God all the glory after years of going back and forth and fighting off cravings. Within a day something clicked. Something no less than a miracle and I haven’t looked back. Here is a list of changes I’ve noticed in my health just only days and weeks after going fully raw vegan.

Weight loss and bloating

Excess weight that I was holding on to and could never lose just fell off. I was back down to my perfect, healthy weight! The excess water retention and bloating are completely gone.

Lymph nodes no longer inflamed

This is something that really shocked me! I’ve had inflamed lymph nodes, specific ones around my jaw and neck, for as long as I can remember. I remember seeing my doctor for the first time about them probably almost 15 years ago. They’ve never changed in size but the moment I cleansed on the raw diet within the first week they were completely gone. And I don’t mean I couldn’t find them or they shrunk in size. They went from being the size of a cherry to completely GONE!

Energy and fitness

I have far more energy than I used to! I rarely feel drained or exhausted. I never need to take big breaks after eating to digest, I always immediately have energy. I am able to work out 5-6 days a week much more effectively than I ever could in the past.


My skin has been flawless. I’ve always had light acne occasionally and blackheads and now my skin is always clear. Never too oily or too dry. I also used to have chicken skin on my arms. Those tiny little red bumps. It was very bad my whole life. Now my arms are completely clear! Not a single bump. This is something my husband noticed very quickly as well.

I don’t have to eat as much and nutrient intake is up!

I find I’m surprisingly eating less. My nutrient intake is now so high because I’m not cooking and killing the food that a simple salad will last me a long while. Blood work has even proven for me that my nutrient intake has dramatically increased! My life long issue with iron is completely restored and it happened with purely raw foods and no supplements.

Joint pain is gone!

I used to have very bad joint pain in the mornings and especially after eating grains. I no longer experience any joint pain at all!

Hair loss

My whole life I’ve always been used to losing chunks of hair especially in the shower. After pregnancy I would experience bald spots and since going raw I lose only a few hairs at a time.

The whites of my eyes have gotten brighter and dark circles are gone!

Except for when a child is waking me up through the night haha. But this is something that I’ve noticed in both my husband and I!

Whiter teeth, disappearing cavities and a clean tongue

Again this is something that has happened for both my husband and I! We noticed this starting mostly after cutting out grains, starches and refined sugars. Going raw has only enhanced the improvements! We have both had year long cavities (that weren’t progressively getting any worse) that started to fade and completely disappear. Yellow stains that have been there for a lifetime are completely gone and my front teeth which have always had see-through ish lines are completely filled in (what’s up with that anyways?). The white coating on my tongue is also gone!

Improved digestion

This has got to be one of the biggest ones for me. I’ve always had issues digesting certain foods and my bathroom breaks were always quite horrible. Within a few weeks I noticed a dramatic difference! This wasn’t something that changed until I went fully raw, not just partial.

Allergies are gone!

This was something my husband and I heard of but never thought we’d experience! Both of us have very specific food intolerances. There are a few that we haven’t tested out yet but there are multiple foods that would send us straight to bed and had absolutely debilitating effects on us if we had even the smallest taste. We now can eat those foods by the handful! This was nothing short of a miracle for us and it has given us so much more freedom in our diet. Healing the gut is life changing!

Stuffy nose and brain fog


Cravings for junk food

GONE! And when a craving does come it’s so easily replaced with a healthy option. This was my biggest struggle for decades! The addiction is REAL! By the grace of God and perseverance you can overcome it! The more raw I eat the more raw I crave and I rarely think of junk food.

Emotionally and spiritually this has been a huge change for me as well. I feel lighter in every way. Cleaner and more free. I can’t even begin to describe how long and hard of a journey this has been but once I totally relied on God the change and desire for a better diet was almost immediate. It’s shocked me so much to see how much my families health has improved. I hope to continue to blog about my raw food journey to inspire others and spark a little interest into the raw vegan life! It truly is LIFE CHANGING and truly the way we were created to eat!


If you’d like to hear more on my raw vegan journey and how I went raw vegan during my pregnancy take a listen to my interview with Christine from Raw Blessings HERE

XO Anya Grace

Then God said, “I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food. – Genesis 1:29


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