My second and most supernatural childbirth

The birth of my second son was a very traumatic one. It was still a beautiful home birth with no real complications, ending with a healthy me and perfectly healthy baby. I thank God for that. None the less the pain of that birth was so extreme it left me pretty shaken up and in the moment totally unwilling to have any more children. Of course after the fact I know I would go through it a thousand times over for my son!

How could I have gone from a miraculously virtually pain free birth with my first son to such a struggle with my second? I don’t have all the answers to that but I know one thing, my faith was not at all where it needed to be during my second birth. I don’t remember even praying much during my second pregnancy. In a way I went into that labour over confidant and so sure it would all go fine. I missed the heart of God and I missed my connection with Him.

So when my third pregnancy came around I was terrified. I had one of two choices: I could stay in fear and worry and let whatever happens happen, or I could get back in faith and believe that God has something more for me. I chose the latter. Weeping on my floor finally letting the trauma go I clearly heard God speak to me telling me that He would give me a supernatural birth, one like never before that would be out of His strength and not my own. One that would transform my life and perspective on birth forever and be a testimony to others. My husband was given the same revelation so THAT is what I stood on.

This story is meant to encourage you. To give you hope and understanding. There are always struggles we will come up against and sometimes life hits us hard. Don’t be discouraged, keep going forward and know there is more for you in God’s promises!

The birth:

Noah Emmanuel born May 29th 2017 at 12:45 PM    9.2 lbs   1 1/2 hour labour

My requests to God concerning the birth:

I wanted my baby to be born in the Caul (your water doesn’t break and the baby is born in the sac)

I wanted a short, pain free delivery

I wanted a morning labour

I wanted my two toddlers to be happy and my husband able to see the delivery because we would have no family helping to watch the kids

I wanted a home birth and healthy baby

I wanted delayed cord clamping


In the middle of the night I awoke with a strange dream. I was under water almost drowning when all of a sudden I was rescued by a large umbilical cord I held on to to pull me out of the water. Totally weird, I know. But funny this was my first sign labour was going to start soon.

I woke up in the early morning with what felt like Braxton Hicks contractions. I had them throughout my pregnancy so I didn’t think much of it but after an hour or so I realized they were very steady. I thought that there’s no way they could be real contractions because they were so comfortable. I got up and started my day. Made some amazing raw vegan crepes with my children for breakfast and sat down at the table. At that point I decided to track my contractions and they were steadily coming every 3 minutes and lasting about 30-40 seconds. I thought I’d call my midwife just to see what she thought.

I spoke with my midwife on the phone and she told me it didn’t sound like I was in labour. I said to her “Don’t be fooled! This could be it.” She said if things kept up that way to give her a call back in an hour. When I called back my contractions were much closer together and longer but still no pain. The midwife asked if I wanted her to come check me to see if I really was in labour. I said yes.

By the time she got to my house I was relaxed in bed waiting for her and listening to some music while checking facebook. The contractions were much stronger then. Any time I felt a bit of pain I would say “God, I thank you for this amazing contraction and I release any pain or discomfort to you Lord. Thank you that my body is doing it’s perfect job and I rebuke any discomfort now in the name of Jesus”. Immediately any pain I had would be gone and I would continue to laugh and smile through every contraction I had!

When the midwife checked me she looked at me and started to laugh. I said “What!? Is it good?” She replies … “You’re 8-9 cm dilated!” We both had a good laugh while she got things ready and called the backup midwife. She asks me if I want to sit on the exercise ball to see if it’ll bring the baby down farther. The moment I sit on the ball WO that feels like a lot of pressure. Oh wait… I’m pushing! I was so taken aback I actually asked “What do I do??” My backup midwife arrives right on time and they suggest I lean on the ball on the bed. A few more pushes and baby is crowning! No broken water, the baby is still in the Caul!

The midwife calls for Adam downstairs “the baby is coming!”. Adam quickly turns on a movie for the boys and runs up just in time.

“Wo this is so cool” says my midwife. He’s still in the sac and his little hand is right beside his head! Later I learn that this is a miracle in itself. Having the hand beside the head can be pretty problematic sometimes leading to a stuck baby and/or very harsh tearing. Having the sac still in tact while his head came out would have given him the cushioning he needed to make an easy escape! I had a first degree tear that didn’t need stitches but I was given 3 just to help recovery (since I’m already running around after 2 toddlers all day).

As his body begins to be born the water breaks and he welcomes the world. He is beautiful and perfect but not crying as much as they would like. My theory is that because he had such a beautiful entrance and he is such a naturally calm baby that he just wasn’t as loud as most babies. Just my thoughts. So the midwife clamps the cord ready to cut it and separate him to give him some help. He immediately perks up and I ask if she can un-clamp the cord. “I’ve never done that before but sure, I don’t see why not.” she says. Thank you God :). Noah Emmanuel lays peacefully on me, a whopping 9.2 lbs.

The boys are quietly watching a movie downstairs with no idea of what’s going on. We spend the next hour resting and getting cleaned up. My mother in a law and mother arrive and we introduce Noah to his brothers who fall instantly in love. What a blessing it was to have only my boys and husband here. It created such a serene and peaceful birth with just the support of our daddy God. I had every prayer request for the birth answered and much more!

God is phenomenally good if we give Him our mustard seed of faith to work with and if we trust Him whole heatedly. What a life changing experience that was and an experience that deepened my relationship with God like never before.


Thank you for taking the time to read my story.

XO Anya


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  1. Anya, what a beautiful birth story! I’ve been in a similar boat, my first birth was miraculous and my second terrible. But like yours, God helped me through an incredible third birth! Now we’re expecting baby #4! I’d love to connect further and chat birth and blogging if you’re interested 🙂


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