Enjoy this season! Even if it hurts.

Sometimes we feel stuck because we see the next season of our lives just around the corner and we so desperately want to reach it.

But hang in there! Sometimes it is not YOU who’s holding you back. What if you are still in this season because you are not READY for the next?

What if where you are right now is the only opportunity you will get for proper growth to prepare you for what’s to come?

What if you force your way into the next season without allowing God to build you in this one?

God does not want you ill equipped to handle what He has coming for you!
He wants you STRONG to be able to carry the weight of the trial or blessing coming your way!

Cultivate your relationship with God and grow in this season so you can handle the next. Keep your eyes focused and your mind present. You are not just waiting this season out, you are growing because of it.

ps. I took this photo at the Niagara Butterfly Conservatory! If you haven't been you MUST go!


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