Hurt People Hurt People – How God used my physical pain to teach me


Today I’m experiencing a terrible physical pain and boy was I unpleasant to be around. When I’m in physical pain I’m a miserable person. Absolutely miserable. A horrible mother, horrible wife and total Scrooge.

Lord knows that’s not my heart! But even when I’m not thinking about it or noticing it much it’s always there… nagging at me. Subconsciously my mood automatically changes and I can’t seem to shake it until the pain is relieved. It got me thinking about deeper pain… emotional pain.

Look at how many people walk around with emotional wounds and hurts that transform them into different people. Moody people. Subconsciously!
The majority of anger, depression, anxiety, violence and other negative aspects we see in others come from PAIN! Pain that they carry around and reflect on others.

We’ve all heard the saying “hurt people hurt people” and it’s true! And I’ve always believed that if a person REALLY understood how they’re hurting others they would not be acting that way. God knows I hate how miserable I act towards my family when I’m in pain because it’s not about them it’s about what I’m dealing with (and I will change that).

Sometimes that grumpy mumpy may just be acting that way because of a hurt in THEIR life.

So what can we do?


PRAY for them!

Have GRACE for them! Just like how God has had SOOOOO much grace and forgiveness towards us.

Let’s look a little deeper and see the hurt behind the actions and ask God how we can bring a little more healing in that persons life instead of taking things so personally. God knows they need it!


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