Let your child see GOD in you!

It’s amazing how much God will teach us through children!!!

No matter what we do we cannot change their nature. We can quench their spirits, their wildness… make them obedient, but God will speak VOLUMES through them if we let Him.

It is so rare that you see people treat children as human beings rather than little things that need to be manipulated and trained to obey.

Our children need GRACE! Patience. Love. Mercy. Tenderness. Kindness and understanding. We need to get down on THEIR level and TEACH, not coerce or bribe!

How does God treat you as His child? He has given us all we need to raise our children as Godly parents. He has given us His very own Spirit so that we can be an image of GOD to our children.

God will teach us how to treat OTHERS by training us in how to treat and deal with our own children. This is a training grown and a amazing learning experience for us! USE IT!

There is an amazing book that every parent should read called Jesus the Gentle Parent by L.R. Knost. I HIGHLY recommend it! It will change the way you view your children, parenting and God forever!


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