“She was a wonderful support during the birth. She and I communicated a lot before the birth and went over any questions or concerns I had. She was able to guide my husband during my labour and overall just a lovely person. I will highly recommend Anya to friends and family.  “

– Nicole B.

“Anya prepared us for what’s to come and guided us on what to do on that day. Anya is a very kind person and she took interest in our lives, which made us feel like we’ve known her for a long time. I am grateful we had our first child with Anya’s help. I wanted natural birth and she assured us that this was attainable and guided us through what to expect. I also applied her methods of dealing with contractions comfortably at home which made me ready for the birth at the hospital without being exhausted there.”

– Roula B.

“She was a God send throughout this whole process, couldn’t have done it without you “

– Ashley M.

“Anya was a wonderful childbirth educator. Anya is so personable. She made me and my husband feel comfortable and at ease discussing the intimate details of childbirth. Anya drew on her own experiences and the experiences of the class participants to meet the needs of everyone involved. Anya engaged the class and made learning about childbirth fascinating and not as scary as I thought it would be. I felt much more comfortable and at ease after taking her class. It made my experience giving birth as a first-time mom so much better. I felt I knew about the options available to me that most first-time mom’s aren’t made aware of in the hospital. Thank you Anya!”

– Lindsay S.

On July 23rd 2016 I gave birth to my first daughter, Livy Jo, at 10:32pm. I had the pleasure of working with Anya Grace as my Doula during the duration of my pregnancy, and was blessed to have her beside me during all 13 hours of labour. She was the first to see Livy Jo born into this world. I am incredibly grateful for her dedication and sincere care. She was so genuine and thoughtful. She guided me with her knowledge of carrying and now raising my child, with absolutely no judgment on my questions and openness to disagreements. Anya was incredibly professional during this experience. I could have never been as prepared for the birth if it were not for her constant, 24/7 availability. She is a very spiritual and loving woman, someone who was immensely supportive during the most important time of my life. Thanks to her, I had a completely natural child birth knowing that it was not only bare able but worth every second of uncomfort. Livy Jo’s birth was the best experience of my life, thanks to Anya’s guidance and support.

– Julian A.


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